At the forefront of new technology

Enscope is involved in research and development across a wide range of technical areas.

Enscope is always keen to invest time and resources to gain an understanding of leading edge technologies so that we can derive long term environmental and economic benefits for our customers.

Through investment and participation in new technologies Enscope aim to be ahead of the curve as new energy technologies are developed and commercialised in the coming years.

Through its involvement in the APGA Research Standards Committee Enscope is actively in engaged with the Future Fuels Cooperative Research Centre (CRC).

Future Fuels CRC is an industry focused RD&D partnership supporting Australia’s transition to a low carbon energy future by progressing research into future fuel technologies, such as hydrogen, with aim of introducing these alternative fuels into Australian energy Infrastructure.

Acoustically Induced and Flow Induced Vibration

 Little-Known Modes Now Addressed in AS/NZS 2885.1:2018 written by:

  • S. J. Monaghan – Lead Vibration Engineer, Enscope
  • R. J. Swindell – Vibration Engineering Lead, Vibration Dynamics and Noise, Wood PLC
  • E. L. Metcalfe – Principal Consultant, Metcalfe Engineering