Gas Compression

Enscope are specialists in the field of
gas compression, for;

  • Pipeline transmission
  • Sales/Export gas compression
  • CSM in-field compression
  • Process compression

Through direct involvement in the delivery over 35 high pressure gas compressor stations by Enscope’s key staff we are ideally positioned to advise on and deliver compression and facilities projects.
Compression options include;

  • Turbine / centrifugal compression (dynamic flow)
  • Reciprocating compression (positive displacement)
  • Rotary / screw compression (positive displacement)
  • Parallel and series operation
  • Single and multistage configurations

Gas Pipeline Facilities

With the current and future high levels of pipeline construction activity there are advantages for pipeline proponents and pipeline contractors to consider Enscope for the delivery of the above ground facilities components.

  • Scraper / pigging stations
  • MLV’s
  • Delivery stations, including; Heating, Regulation / Pressure Control, Metering,  Filtration
  • Power Station fuel gas system supply

Enscope’s key personnel have significant industry experience in working both along-side pipeline contractors and within the pipeline contractor’s teams. With this experience we are able to provide;

  • Budgeting and scheduling
  • System design and equipment sizing
  • Turnkey project management
  • Constructability advice
  • Construction management
  • Construction completions and commissioning