Tingalpa Gate Station

APA Group

The Tingalpa Gate Station is a metropolitan gate station which supplies domestic, commercial and industrial customers in Brisbane.  The project involved complete brownfields replacement of the custody transfer station due to design and age related integrity concerns and was implemented within the existing operational facility.  The project involved engineering design, procurement, fabrication, construction and commissioning of the new station including civil work, above and below ground piping, hot taps, filtration, valves, regulators, metering, odorant, electrical and SCADA.  A total of 3 hot tap connections were completed with further stoppling and capping on 2 of the connections.  The new facility pipework was skid assembled to reduce works in the operational facility.   The old station pipework and above ground equipment was demolished and removed from site including asbestos materials as part of the project.  A key requirement of the project was to deliver without interruption to gas supply and maintaining accurate daily metering data over the construction, cutover and commissioning phases to meet APA’s obligations under the Short Term Trading Market (STTM).

Enscope’s key roles and services included:

  • Project Management
  • Project Engineering
  • Construction management
  • Commissioning management

Pluto LNG Plant


The Pluto LNG Project involved the construction of a Liquefied Natural Gas Plant located on the Burrup Peninsula, Western Australia.  Enscope provided support to AGC in their construction and pre-commissioning scope which included the Jetty, the Inlet Area and the Waste Treatment Plant.  Enscope provided project management, engineering and labour supervision and labour support to AGC.  Areas of involvement included the installation of mechanical equipment and piping, pre-commissioning of mechanical equipment from the waste treatment water pumps to the BOG compressors, installation inspections and alignment checks, management of piping pre-commissioning, flushing, blow down and hydro-testing of piping, completion of Inspection and Testing documentation for the installation and pre-commissioning activities.

Enscope’s key roles and services included:

  • On-site construction management, engineering and reporting
  • Mechanical and piping pre-commissioning management, engineering and reporting
  • Quality support
  • Management of site equipment and piping preservation and maintenance
  • On-Site Construction and Pre-Commissioning Supervision and Labour

QCS4 Upgrade

Epic Energy

The QCS4 Upgrade Project was one component of Epic Energy’s QSN3 Expansion Project – required to increase the capacity of the SWQP to supply the markets of Sydney and Adelaide.  The QCS4 Upgrade included the installation of an additional aftercooler bay including civil, structural, mechanical piping and electrical works and re-staging of the two Solar Taurus 60 centrifugal compressor units.  The project also included upgrade to the Station Control System for the additional scraper station installed as part of the pipeline looping as well as control modifications for the station upgrade.

Enscope’s key roles and services included:

  • Project management
  • Engineering design management
  • Project engineering
  • Construction tendering and contract management
  • Commissioning management

Queensland Curtis LNG Project

Queensland Gas Company

The Constructability Review process is a formalised Value Improving Practise (VIP) where the design is analysed throughout all stages of the project by experienced construction personnel to identify opportunities to maximize safety, reduce costs and save time during construction. Industry standard guidewords are employed to develop constructability checklists suitable for identifying opportunities to enhance a projects constructability throughout all stages of the project lifecycle. Enscope draws on the extensive experience of their personnel to provide valuable input as a Constructability Review Process facilitator.

Enscope’s key roles and services included:

  • Development of thorough constructability checklists for all stages of the project lifecycle.
  • Facilitation of, and input into, constructability review workshops throughout the development of projects from Appraise & Select through to Execute & Operate.
  • Produce detailed Constructability Review Reports capturing all identified constructability opportunities and outstanding action items for closeout prior to further stages of the Constructability Review Process.

RBP MOP upgrade

APA Group

The Roma to Brisbane Pipeline MOP Upgrade Project was one of four components of APA’s RBP Expansion Program undertaken to increase the capacity of the RBP.  The MOP upgrade project involved an AS2885.1 Section 9 MAOP engineering assessment to demonstrate fitness for upgrade of the pipeline operating pressure from 8MPa to 9.3MPa/9.6MPa.  The engineering assessment included construction and operational data gathering and investigation, design review and MOP upgrade analysis, operational risk assessment and rectification design to confirm pipeline integrity.  Intelligent pigging of the pipeline was undertaken and defect verification and repair dig program completed.  Physical rectification works were required at a number of above ground pipeline facilities including hydrotesting, spool replacement and modifications, valve replacement and scraper trap replacement.   A specification break was installed to divide the pipeline into 2 MOP sections of 9.3MPa and 9.6MPa.  The project also included isolation of three Solar Saturn wet seal compressors from normal service along the DN400 pipeline and additional tie in modifications to allow for connection of a new turbine compressor at Dalby.

Enscope’s key roles and services included:

  • Project Management
  • Project Engineering
  • Offsite fabrication management
  • Site construction management, scheduling and reporting
  • Commissioning management.

Longford Compressor Station

Jemena Asset Management

The Longford Compressor Station project (Victoria) involved the installation of a fourth Solar Turbines Taurus 60 compressor unit into the fully operational Longford Compressor Station. The installation included the completion of 20 shutdowns to tie into the existing plant whilst maintaining production requirements. As well as the installation of a fourth compressor unit, the project also included upgrades to the station fuel gas supply system, station air compressor system, station compressor seal gas supply system, station control system, power supply system, communications panel and station control room.

Enscope’s key roles and services included:

  • Completions, commissioning and performance testing management.
  • Preparation of commissioning and performance testing procedures.
  • Shutdown and commissioning schedule development and reporting.
  • Project engineering.
  • Provision of key technician personnel.
  • Commissioning HAZID facilitation and report.